KA Oil Condition Sensor

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KA Oil condition sensor

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The KMS Series of miniature condition monitoring sensor are designed to detect the presence of ferrous material in oil systems.
In particular the sensor can be used to monitor gearbox and transmission oil for signs of gear wear.
Some ferrous material is normally shed during the life of a gearbox, however a change in the material detected can indicate a premature failure of a component such as gear or pump impeller.
Construction is stainless steel with a built-in amplifier which allows for a very simple installation, there is an integrated temperature sensor which also assists with the oil condition monitoring.
The tip of the sensor is extended away from the mounting thread so that there is good oil contact.
The sensor contains a powerful magnet which attracts ferrous material to the extended tip of the sensor, this is measured and presented as a 0.5 to 4.5V signal proportional to the quantity of material detected

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