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Brake pressure sensors on an F1 car

We were asked recently to spec and supply a camera and logging system for a very nice historic F1 car. After some discussion an AIM Evo 4 with G Dash and Smartycam GP HD with a number of sensors was the preferred choice.
When the team came to fitting the brake pressure sensors they were not keen on using the conventional AIM solution which involved cutting the braided brake pipe on the car and using the AIM supplied “tee” fitting designed to fit the braided brake pipes. While there is nothing at all wrong with this method we needed a different solution.
After a bit of debate and head scratching we designed and had made these manifolds that fit directly onto the master cylinders of the front and rear brakes, a three way tee for the front and two way for the rear. All threads are -3 to suit the standard brake pipe fittings with a female -3 port to accept the brake pressure sensor, problem solved!