Racelogic V Box Lap timer

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V Box Lap timer

Can be used as a stand alone lap timer or also used with a video V box (cable needed) to give predictive lap timing with RGB LED lights giving the driver instant feedback.

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VBOX LapTimer is a predictive lap timing display and a 10Hz GPS data logger in one. It provides instant driver feedback, helping you to find valuable improvements in lap times. Its billet aluminium case and face plate make the VBOX LapTimer very durable as well as splash proof.

Information such as Speed, Split Times and Predicted Lap Times are stored on an SD card for the user to analyse later.

Predictive lap timing based on GPS position rather than distance allows for instant, consistent timing feedback during a lap. The VBOX LapTimer also has two RGB LED’s giving the driver instant Delta Velocity feedback.

Display Modes

  • Live Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Lap Timing
  • Split / Best Split Time
  • Predictive Lap Timing


  • Data logging to the supplied SD card
  • Durable Billet Aluminium casing – Splash Proof
  • 2x RGB LEDs to indicate live Delta Velocity
  • Easy operation buttons
  • Internal Accelerometer which flips the display according to the way it is mounted


Whilst VBOX LapTimer is a standalone GPS data logger, it can be used in conjunction with a Video VBOX which then eliminates the requirement of using two antennas. Should you wish to use the VBOX LapTimer with a Video VBOX you will also need to order the relevant cable (RLCAB122 for Video VBOX Pro/ RLCAB123 for Video VBOX Lite/ RLCAB125 for Video VBOX Waterproof).

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