Race render 3

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RaceRender can visualize and overlay data provided by a wide range of data acquisition systems, general dataloggers, GPS recorders, GPS-enabled video cameras, and even certain smartphone apps!

Most notably, it supports common implementations of CSV, NMEA, GPX, TCX, and FIT file formats.
Many data products can export into at least one of those formats.

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RaceRender enables you to easily create amazing videos with custom data overlays, GPS telemetry, multiple camera picture-in-picture, split-screen, camera-switching, and more! Impress your fans with high-tech video and up to 1080p!

Your Video + Your Data. Enjoy the flexibility and affordability of being able to use a variety of different cameras and data sources.

RaceRender is affordable and packed with features. It’s especially well suited for users who want to make use of multiple cameras or data recorded by a GPS or datalogger. Whether you want to create professional videos, or just fun amateur clips, RaceRender offers a wide range of features to get the job done without breaking your budget.

Create data overlays on your videos for auto racing, autocross, rally / rallycross, drag racing, drifting, gymkhana, motocross, aviation, sailing, cycling, mountain biking / MTB, running, and many other telemetry data visualizations! Also includes additional features for road course racing and track days.


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