Racelogic Clip-on CAN Interface V Box Lite

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The RLACS182 provides a quick and convenient way of tapping onto a CAN Bus when recording vehicle signals using Racelogic data logging systems. Using an innovative clip-on design, the RLACS182 eliminates the need to hard-wire directly onto the CAN Bus and can be easily fitted by most users.

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In many cases the only way to connect to a vehicle’s CAN Bus is to solder or crimp directly on to the CAN Bus signal wires. This can lead to wrong connections being made or invalidating a vehicle’s warranty. With the new Racelogic Clip-on CAN Interface you can connect to the CAN Bus without a physical connection.

The CAN interface works by reading the signal through the wires insulation and guarantees that no intrusive signals are sent to the vehicle’s CAN Bus or J-Bus.

Available with either Mini-Din or Lemo connectors, the RLACS182 is suitable for use with most Racelogic systems.

• Reads CAN signals without making a hardware connection
• One cable fits all vehicles / equipment
• Accurate recovering of CAN bus data
• There is no need to make ‘bare-wire’ connections to the CAN High and Low wires, therefore no need to cut splice or remove wire insulation and will not void your vehicle warranty.
• The Clip on CAN Bus interface can be used with CAN operating at any voltage.
• Being an omi-directional CAN interface, this cable will ensure that no intrusive signals are broadcast on to a vehicle CAN Bus, preventing the risk of warning lights illuminating on the dash board.
• No intrusive signals can be transferred to the vehicle CAN bus.


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