VBOX Video HD2 to AIM CAN Cable

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VBOX Video HD2 to AIM CAN Cable availible with either a 5 or 7 pin plug, integrates the HD2 with any AIM dash, logger. Solo DL or bridge.


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Terminates with a five-pin or seven-pin connector and will connect into the AIM CAN network, simply plug into the expansion port on your AIM dash or logger or connect into an AIM CAN expansion. Please call for further information about how this works.

CAN data transmitted from AiM devices listed below can be received by VBOX Video HD2 and used for producing full colour HD graphics that are overlaid onto the video in real-time, making your videos more exciting and informative. All the AiM CAN channels have been incorporated into the VBOX database so you can select the channels in VBOX Video HD2 Setup that you want to log.

Compatible with.
AiM Dash Loggers: MyChron4, MyChron5, MXG, MXL, MXL Pista, MXL Pro05, MXL Strada, MXL2, MXS and SoloDL.
AiM Data Loggers: EVO3 Pista, EVO3 Pro, EVO4, EVO4S and EVO5.
AiM Bridges: ECU Bridge.

For new installations please ask about our AIM + V Box package deals

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

AIM 712 connector 5 pin, AIM 712 connector 7 pin


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