Gitup G3 Duo

£83.32 ex Vat

Gitup G3 duo camera, the best value camera on the market,



GitUp G3 Duo

Packed with features and amazing value the G3 is fantastic value for money having many features only seen in much higher priced cameras. Top quality video and sound, the G3 also has all the features that make it a great choice to use in a raly car. It can be set to auto record on power up and to power up when it recives 12V power, so a simple on off switch place somewhere within reach of the driver or co driver gives you remote control recording. Audio input from any make of intercom is no problem. As well as all the features you need to give top quality video, spot metering or ev bias to control exposure, digital zoom, changable lens to get the perfect angle of view.

Optional slave camera records a second video file to give a second view if required. Gps logger if the gps option is added (can not use gps and slave cam together it is either or). Charges from the cars 12v as well as switching on and off so no need to worry about battery or charging the camera.

2 Inche Touch Screen, Angle of View: 170°

1200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Built-in Microphone, Supports External Mono Microphone

Supports WiFi, Gyro, G-sensor, Motion detection

Bluetooth Wrist Remote Control (Optional)

External GPS Module (Optional)

Easy to Use Side Open Skeleton Case (Optional)

Slave Camera for GitUp G3 Duo (Optional)


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